With National Health Insurance (NHI) South Africa will be heading for a national disaster!

Without health you have nothing. Are you happy for the state to decide how sick you are, who your doctor should be and what medication you may have? The NHI will grab your health from your doctors’ hands and put in the hands of the state.

This. Stops. Right here.

Solidarity is ready to litigate!

It is clear that the government is misusing the pandemic to capture our health care. Corrupt corona criminals walk off with loads of money while our medical sector has to beg for crumbs to overcome the crisis. What is more –- the minister who is calling the shots when it comes to vaccine is sadly / hugely incompetent. Solidarity will claim our health back!

The promise that the NHI is designed to offer quality health care to every South African and to make South Africa a healthier nation, is a lie. NHI is nothing but a fund that is there for the plundering. It’s not about care; it’s about money and you, the taxpayer, will have to finance it.

STOP the NHI. Support our mass litigation!