The ANC does not create jobs; it takes jobs! We are not slaves of the government. We are citizens of the country. The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is withdrawn but not scrapped. Mass litigation on behalf of taxpayers is required. If the government does not want to hear, they must feel it here – loud and clear! Given the government’s record of ongoing corruption they will, through central funds such as the National Health Insurance, enrich themselves further while impoverishing citizens, such as you. Let’s push back. Tax power is stronger than the government’s power and the President must hear this.

Are you fed up? Submit your #TaxProtest declaration to President Ramaphosa now!

Hereby, you declare that: 

  1. You will no longer watch on as a corrupt government steals your hard-earned income.
  2. You are a South African citizen and not the government’s tax slave.
  3. You support international campaigns that place the government under pressure.
  4. You support litigation against irrational laws that makes your tax burden unaffordable.
  5. You undertake to plan your tax in a lawful way.
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