Befriending your boss – yes or no

By Wilma Bedford According to recent research as published in the American Time Use Survey,we  spend an average of 8.9 hours a day at work and on related activities. In contrast, we only spend around 2.5 hours on leisure and sports. Considering that we spend significantly more time with our colleagues than our friends, it’s only […]

How to skill-stack without breaking the bank

By Anja van den Berg You need to have multiple skills to stay relevant in today’s job market. It’s that simple. But you don’t need to go back to university or stop your life to keep learning. Enter skills-stacking. Skill-stacking is a strategy that combines unique abilities that complement each other, providing a competitive advantage […]

Reregistration of artisans: Important steps for skills list in SA

By Heléne Leonard The South African labour market is facing an important transition that affects the future of skills development and artisans. The transfer of artisans’ Red Seal database from the Department of Employment and Labour to the Department of Higher Education created a series of challenges. This transition has given rise to a necessary […]

Draconian race law and regulations no longer in effect on 1 September

Solidarity welcomes the Department of Employment and Labour’s announcement that the draconian Employment Equity Amendment Act as well as the draft regulations the minister had announced in terms of this Act would no longer come into effect on 1 September 2023. However, the Department still maintains that the previous Act must still be taken into […]

Solidarity will not tolerate the capture of schools

Solidarity will take legal action if the ANC government continues to steamroller the planned BELA legislation with the support of the EFF. This comes after both parties at a meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education to discuss the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill demanded that school governing bodies be stripped of their powers. […]